B-Line Diner

The B-Line Diner is a little bit of nostalgia within one of the best hotels in Orlando. Choose from a menu of hearty American home-style dishes served in the best surroundings by attentive staff.

Our favorite was the Superior Chicken Pot Pie - but there were others that came a close run second, including the pan-seared pork (with grilled apples, sun-dried cherry stuffing and brandy/honey sauce).

For a quick, tasty and hearty "fill-you-up" - try one of the ham & cheese sandwich selections on a baguette. Don't forget to try a shake - they're so good they ought to put a restriction on how many you can have!

Opening Times

Please call to confirm opening times


From as little as $12 to around $30 per head.

Contact Details

B-Line Diner
In the Peabody Hotel
9801 International Drive
Orlando, FL

Tel: (407) 345-4460