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Celebration Market Street

Looking for a great place to eat? MARKET STREET is just the place to enjoy culinary delights, unique ambiance, and good times. Savor the flavor of fine foods at any of the restaurants, each with indoor and lake-view patio dining. Whether you have a taste for classic American, Italian, Spanish/Cuban cuisine or Seafood to Prime Rib, you'll find something that suits at MARKET STREET.

To view descriptions of any of the restaurants and bars in Celebration, simply click on the name of the restaurant in the table on the left, and a pop-up window will appear.

Celebration is Walt Disney's dream of a town - come true. With clapperboard homes and tree-lined streets, the town itself is well worth a visit - but the ambience and style of Market Street is a great place to come and spend a day at.

All of Market street surrounds a lake. There are lots of places to sit and talk, or just spend time together. The choice of food is fabulous, and so are the drinks. We particularly recommend the Mint Julep at the Colombia Restaurant's bar (see the photo!).