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Hooters (need we say more?)

Apart from those donning shiny, tan nylons and tight, orange, '70s track shorts, there aren't many women in the place (Surprise!).

Most tables are packed with post-frat- to pre-retirement-aged men in groups drinking pitchers of beer. Some are noticeably embarrassed to be there, but unabashedly checking out the eye-candy, anyway.

The atmosphere is lowbrow, goofy and generally harmless. As for the scantily dressed service? Another surprise: We had no complaints.

Most dishes earn low scores on the pub-grub scale. Salads are average; burgers are fine, but lack the juicy appeal of great ones. But who goes to Hooter's for the food, anyway? The best plan is to stick with the chicken wings--and order 'em on the spicy side. Macho men or those with a sense of humor (and a thick billfold) should ante up for the tongue-in-cheek classiness of the "Gourmet Chicken Wing Dinner": a bottle of Dom Perignon and 40 wings.

Opening Times

Sun-Thu 11:00am to 12:00 midnight

Fri-Sat 11:00am to 1:00am


Expect to pay under $20 per head for a meal. Tax, drinks and gratuities excluded.

Contact Details

There are at least 5 Hooters bar/restaurants in the Orlando Kissimmee area. You don't have to book a table (unless you're going as a large party).

9101 International Dr
Orlando. FL

Tel: (407) 355-7711