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Kobé Japanese Restaurant

There are 7 Kobé Japanese Steakhouses in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. The one featured here is closest to the VillaDirect vacation homes and condos (and our office!).

If you've ever watched a Teppanyaki dinner being prepared, then you'll love the skill of the chefs at Kobé. If you haven't ever watched them - then be prepared for an amazing show of skill and dexterity, with knives and flames and food flying everywhere in front of your eyes as the chef prepares your dinner in front of you! Don't worry - the food always somehow manages to end up exactly where it's meant to - on your dish in front of you - to enjoy every morsel!

Guests can choose to eat a Teppanyaki meal around a sizzling hot plate with the chef preparing the food in front of your eyes (and ears!), or sit at one of the individual tables to choose from the main menu, where food will be prepared in the kitchen and brought to your table.

If you're hungry, then we recommend that you try the Kobé Imperial Dinner for only $28.95. A starter of Onion soup is followed by a parade of courses including lobster, succulent Kobé beef and scallops, coupled with vegetables, rice, noodles and a dessert.

Be sure to try one of the speciality drinks served at Kobé - and you get to keep the mugs (super tacky!).


Opening Times

Daily 5:00pm through till 10:30pm


Average cost per head is approximately $25 including 'combo' meal and drinks. Starters from $4.95. Entrées from $10.95. Please note that speciality drinks and sushi selections can increase price per head considerably. Prices shown exclude taxes and gratuities.


As this is almost a 'Dinner Show' in itself, we recommend that you book in advance.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
2901 Parkway Blvd.
Kissimmee. FL

Tel: (407) 396-8088