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Sleuths Mystery Dinner - Adult (ages 12+)Since 1980, Sleuths in Orlando has provided visitors to Florida with an exciting and intellectually stimulating form of dinner entertainment.

An evening at Sleuth's begins with you being treated as a guest at a celebration such as a wedding or class reunion depending on which of the 9 plays you attend. Over hors d'oeuvres, salad, and drinks you will begin to get acquainted with the characters of the show and will learn more about their situation during the 30-45 minute play at the end of which, of course, one of them dies.

Sleuth's Murder Mystery DinnerAfter the murder, everyone is hungry - so you can discuss clues and theories over dinner. Be sure to come up with some good questions because after dinner Sleuth's bring all the characters back on stage (the ones that are still alive anyway) and allow you to interrogate them for more information. The dramatic unveiling follows dessert.

9 Plays
G.K's 80th Birthday Gerald Keenan has invited family and friends to his 80th Birthday Party. He tells them he intends to change his will. Someone has other ideas. This is a fast paced intriguing who-dunnit. The characters which include Nurse Faber, Mr. Chen, and Mr. Keenan's relatives mingle with guests. There is a 45 minute scene featuring a raucous birthday party. After festivities G.K. goes into convulsions and is taken to his room. Soon the nurse enters crying out, "He's dead, Mr. Keenan is dead." Later a detective conducts an interrogation with the help of the guests. Finally the Killer is revealed in a wonderful twist. Prizes are awarded to those who have correctly solved the crime.

The Show Must Go On Auditions are being held for an international touring company. Their production of broadway show tunes attracts both veterans and young hopefuls. Everyone is invited to sing. Some performers are very talented; some depend more on their enthusiasm and love of theatre. The company's outrageous director must decide who will be part of this colorful review. To complicate matters the producer and the owner both want to flex their muscles. This show within a show climaxes with a surprising development: a murder, a confession and the director's decision to cover it up. The auditioners happily agree and join together in a chorus confirming, "The Show Must Go On."

Lord Mansfield's Foxhunt Banquet The nobility has been invited to Lord Mansfield's Fox Hunt Banquet. They enter Mansfield Mansion and are greeted by Jeffries the butler. He, the epitome of solicitousness and decorum, ushers them into an elaborate dining room where the maid is serving up hors'doeuvres. Lord Mansfield is preparing a potent home brew in the kitchen. His sister arrives unexpectedly from New York. Others enter: Gypsies to prepare the meal, an irate attorney, and the zany Riley's who serve the dinner. Sparks fly as they interact with guests. Thievery, debauchery, even magic occur as one of the characters meets an inevitable fate. Solving this crime will be a challenge for the entire family.

Kim and Scott Tie the Knot Kim and Scott are getting married. Serious Questions arise. Did Kim murder her first husband? Has Scott been trading Computer Gaming secrets for gems? Is he just an opportunist? Relatives try to protect Kim and Scott from each other. This fun-filled spoof of a wedding celebration will have you guessing all night long.

Squires Inn You have been touring northwest England. Your bus has broken down and you find yourself in Clifton, a quaint country village. The Squires Inn welcomes you and offers a delightful meal and lodging. The overly solicitous proprietor, Nigel, will do anything to keep you there. Be prepared for the unexpected. Your tour guide, Grace, discovers a close relative at the inn. An old pensioner, Simon, has been hiding a treasure that once belonged to Mary Queen of Scots, who resided at the inn in 1569 after fleeing Scotland. You will become very engrossed with the offbeat English humor type antics that will keep you laughing and sleuthing all night long.

Island for Sale You are transported to Angelina Island in the South Pacific. This once English possession is now for sale. Various companies and celebrities are making offers. The Duchess, who owns the island, has to deal with those who do not want to see it sold. You may side with one faction or even place a bid yourself. This is a lighthearted comedic mystery that features outrageous characters who love to dance and enjoy the laid-back 19th century island lifestyle while carrying on British traditions. You may never want to leave.

WKZY Join us for a board meeting that is anything but boring! A controversial new television station is about to debut in Orlando. Sides are clearly drawn as station mogul Tipton Ramsdale, tries to cash in on the popularity of "trash TV." You'll love or hate the celebrities who will be hosting the shows. This hilarious new mystery will keep you guessing all evening.

Joshua's Demise You have been invited to a memorial service for Joshua Langden who mysteriously "passed over" last year. In attendance is his widow Trish, brother Brett, cousin Charlotte, and mother Liza, who is accompanied by her faithful Indian sage, Mapawi. Liza is convinced that Joshua's death was not an accident, and she has arranged a séance to speak with Joshua from beyond. What will Joshua tell her?

The Family Tree You are invited to Surrey, England for a gathering of long lost relatives of the largest family tree. Doctor Osgood Merryweather will be your host. Many unusual discoveries will unfold including altered genetics. Equally amazing is his collection of exotic animals. Be careful what you ask, because there are unmentionable secrets that the family guards. You'll be captivated by revelations of this unique collection of people, as they become part of your family too!

Before The Show: Fresh greens salad
Dinner rolls with butter
Hot and cold Hors' douvres
Choice of Entree: 1 Honey-glazed cornish game hen
2 Prime rib dinner ($3.00 extra)
3 Three cheese lasagne (with or without meatballs, your choice)

Mystery Dessert: If we told you, it wouldn't be a mystery, would it?
Beverages All drinks are included in the ticket price:
Michelob, California Blush wine,
California Chablis wine, California Red Table wine.
Soft Drinks Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Lemon-lime Slice,
Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea, Coffee, Tea

Opening Times
Nightly shows (7 nights per week) start at 7:30 p.m. Guests must arrive by 19:15pm to be seated in time for the show.
Note: Different shows are played on different evenings. For a full schedule of shows, please visit their web site.

Prices shown are standard ticket prices and include the show, dinner, unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks. Group tickets (15 or more guests) can be purchased. Please note that this is a very popular show and that you should book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Prices correct at date of publication of this page. Prices may vary at time of booking Click here to view latest price, and to book in advance.

Adults: $40.95 plus tax

Children: $23.95 plus tax

7% tax applicable. Gratuity not included.

Contact Details
Sleuths Murder Mystery Dinner Show
7508 Universal Blvd.
Orlando. FL

Tel: 1 (800) 393-1985 Toll Free in USA

Sleuths Mystery Dinner - Adult (ages 12+)

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