Disney's Pleasure Island

Imagine an island filled shore-to-shore with dazzling live stage shows, sensational nightclubs, a giant street festival and a spectacular nightly New Year's Eve celebration. Downtown Disney® Pleasure Island offers a one-of-a-kind collection of the greatest clubs in the country - and for a super shopping spree or delectable dining, Downtown Disney Pleasure Island can satisfy your every whim.

Pleasure Island, located in the Downtown Disney area is Disney's own brand of nightlife for adults only, and is a complex of bars, dance halls and night clubs, designed to resemble a renovated old rundown harbor port.

Here's a map showing the layout of Pleasure Island...there's so much to see and do, we've provided a set of links to each of the main clubs and bars on the left of this page. Simply click on one of the links and a window will pop open to explain more about that particular attraction.

Opening Times
Access to Pleasure Island is free from 10:00am till 7:00pm. From 7:00pm till 2:00am pricing as below. The nightclubs can only be accessed with a valid ticket, but the 5-Day World Hopper Pass includes access to all Pleasure Island Night Clubs. All restaurants on Pleasure Island can be accessed at all times free of charge. Age restrictions apply in night clubs and bars.

Adults: $19.81
Children: N/A

Prices exclude taxes. Individual admission for a night of club hopping. Guests must be 18 years or older unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Proof of age will be required at the gate. Also it is illegal to buy alcohol in Florida below the age of 21, and proof of identity is often requested (passport etc).

NB: On occasion Disney have separately priced activities and events which are chargeable as an extra item. Prices subject to change without notice.


Prices correct at date of publication of this page. Prices may vary at time of booking.

8-Trax caters for guests that like disco music, and want to remain living in the 1970's. Even the club staff have to wear polyester clothing.

Strut-your-stuff and get some "Night-Fever"!

Adventurers Club
The Adventurers Club is generally thought of as a music venue - but there are some other types of entertainment as well, and the Adventurers Club is without a doubt the most unusual. In fact, you will not find anything quite like it anywhere else.

The Adventurers Club presents themed interactive entertainment. Think of it as a theater that's presenting a play.

The Adventurers Club presents an interactive entertainment experience in a setting reminiscent of the fictional 1930's gentleman adventurer clubs, as depicted in Hollywood films of that era.

BET Soundstage
The BET Soundstage Club is located in the old Neon Armadillo building, and provides live musical performances, and occasional guest celebrity appearances.

Musically the club centers around Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Hip-Hop.

A live performance is held most evenings, with occasional celebrity guests, and dancing provided by guests, and by BET's own resident dance troupe.

Comedy Warehouse
As its name suggests, the Comedy Warehouse at Disney's Pleasure Island is geared towards making its guests laugh. With shows featuring musicians and stand-up comedians it has a strong improvisational angle, with the performing comedians dishing up humor based on suggesting from the audience.

There's no bad seat in the club, which puts on five performances each night, no two of which are ever the same.

Pleasure Island Jazz Company
The Pleasure Island Jazz Company is located at Pleasure Island, facing the central access bridge to the island, adjacent to Mannequins Dance Palace.

Inside the Jazz Company,various styles of Jazz and Blues are performed on stage by live performers, in the ambience of a comfortable candlelit lounge. As well as the music, there's a full restaurant, and a good selection of wines and spirits.

Mannequins at Disney's Pleasure Island is the place to head for if all you want to do is dance, in a nightclub with a revolving turntable dance floor, a serious (robotically controlled) lighting rig, contemporary dance music, and a liberal scattering of store mannequins (hence the club's name).

The club, which is located on the third floor of the building is accessed via an elevator. All guests must be at least 21 years of age to enter.

Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club
The Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club occupies three floors, with the lowest floor being used as a dance area, with the upper two floors being given over to billiard tables and games, all set in a surf-style environment.

Live bands perform hits from the 1960's to the present on the lowest floor.

West End Stage
The West End Stage is at the West-Side end of Pleasure Island - right next to the stairs that links Pleasure Island to the bridge leading to the West Side area.

It provides an ideal spot for semi-outdoor

performances (the audience are in the open but the performers have a roof over their heads), and frequently features sets from celebrity artists. It also hosts the nightly "New Year's Eve Celebration".

Wild Horse Saloon

The Wildhorse Saloon provides live Country music dance, and entertainment, plus an American barbeque restaurant.

This location is the first roll-out unit of the world-famous Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee. It is also the site for recordings of the "Wildhorse Saloon Dance Show" on The Nashville Network(TNN).

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