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This building, a research laboratory from an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle, has landed upside-down and completely intact in the heart of Orlando on International Drive. The swirling vortex was created by some of the world's greatest scientists who studied and experimented at the top-secret, highly advanced facility called WonderWorks™.
This interactive attraction features hands-on demonstrations and activities such as the Physical Challenge Arena where you test your skills of strength and agility, Wonder Coaster where you design your own roller-coaster and actually ride it and Earthquake Experience where one of histories most renowned earthquakes has been recreated.

Opening Times

Daily 9:00am to Midnight

Tips for Guests

Worth a trip - but make sure that it's part of a day at Pointe Orlando, or that you're going to a nearby restaurant on international Drive. To tour the whole of Wonderworks took us less than 2 hours!


Wonderworks is located at 9067 International Drive, just a short drive from Orlando's major theme parks, and just across the street from the Orange County Convention Center.


Adjacent parking is available in a 2,643 space, five-story parking garage.


Guests should buy their tickets at the door on arrival.

Contact Details

9067 International Drive
Orlando, FL

Tel: (407) 351-8800
Web: Wonderworks