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4 Park Flex - AdultDiscovery Cove

Not a traditional theme park, Discovery Cove, is a 32 acre re-creation of a Caribbean island. You will find coral reefs, sandy beaches, waterfalls, rocky lagoons, an aviary, ray fish, underwater ruins, a tropical river, thatched huts, hammocks, streams and dolphins. One of the discovery covebest points of this park, apart from a dolphin swim which must be the highlight of your visit, is the limited number of guests, only 1000 per day! The downside of this is that you may need to book three or four months an advance for the peak times. Admission for July can be sold out in March. Due to the limited number of guests admitted into the park it also has a reservation only policy, this means you cannot turn up on the day and buy a ticket. You will also get a pass for SeaWorld or Bush Gardens in the price which, if used makes the visit much better value.

When you enter the park you will be given a reserved time to swim with a dolphin and a photo ID card on which you charge drinks for the day. Everything else is included apart from the drinks is included in the price: lockers, food, snorkelling equipment and towels.

Guests need to be at least 6 years old for the dolphin-swim experience. Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult and 14 to 17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian through the entrance.

Disabled Guests 
Disabled guests who are able to get around with limited assistance or with help from a personal assistant during their dolphin experience and in the various wading locations are welcome. Specially-designed outdoor wheelchairs with oversized tyres for easy maneuvering on the beach can also be reserved.

discovery coveIf you wear glasses try to use contacts on the day of your visit if possible. This is because the masks you will be using don’t accommodate glasses. There are a limited number of prescription goggles available for a deposit of $75.

Including dolphin swim and meal:

Oct. 29 - Dec. 31, 2005: $239 plus tax
Jan. 1 - Feb. 12, 2006: $249 plus tax
Feb. 13 - Dec. 31, 2006: $269 plus tax

Contact Details
Reservations office: 1-877-434-7268 or 1-407-370-1280.

In the United Kingdom, call : 00800 33 44 1818

Click for information on discount tickets.

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