Quick Answer: Will BTS Stay Together Forever?

Who shares a room with WHO in BTS?

Here’s Why J-Hope And Jimin Are The Only BTS Members Who Share A Room.

Jimin and J-Hope are the only roomies left in the 7-member group.

BTS’s J-Hope and Jimin revealed in an interview with MORE Magazine Japan that they are now the only BTS members sharing a room!.

Will red velvet disband?

Theoretically, because of the usual “7-year contract agreement” between entertainment companies and artists, Red Velvet is not expected to disband until AT LEAST 2023. If they renew their contract near their disbandment date, (if they agree) the group will continue to perform.

Do BTS still stay together?

At the moment, the band is still living together. That’s in large part because reporting suggests that the members of the group still get along with one another quite well. It’s unlikely that the band will continue to live together indefinitely, but for now, it’s an arrangement that seems to be working.

Does BTS still live together 2020?

Yes, they do. All of the members except RM (I think) have their own houses/apartments but I believe they aren’t used much and we don’t have alot of info on what they are used for and whether the members spend much time in their own places. However they’ve said many times that they enjoy living together and still do.

Do BTS members smoke?

As other people mentioned Jungkook and Namjoon are the only members who have made it clear they don’t like smokers/smoking. It’s pretty common for dancers to smoke, actually. I’m surprised by how many people said bts won’t smoke specifically because they dance. … Jimin very likely does/did smoke.

Where does Jungkook live now?

BTS’ Jungkook has reportedly bought an apartment at the famous luxury “Seoul Forest Trimage.” According to real estate industry workers, Jungkook bought an apartment in the luxury apartment complex last October for 1.95 billion won (approximately $1.74 million USD). He allegedly bought the apartment in cash.

Will BTS come back after disband?

According to their recent contract renewal, BTS will remain under their label Big Hit Entertainment through 2026. … That means that even if all the members enlisted in 2020, they would be back on the stage and performing under Big Hit for at least three more years.

Does BTS v vape?

Taehyung of BTS does NOT own a Juul. Stop freaking out over the “Vape” picture please!

Did Mamamoo disband?

3. MAMAMOO. MAMAMOO made their official debut in June 2014, meaning June 2021 could be their last month as a group. All four MAMAMOO members have already started their own successful solo careers.

Will NCT disband?

Units like NCT U and NCT DREAM will continue to exist as long as SM breathes, since they are not fixed units. But units like NCT 127 is hard to tell if they are going to stay. 127 will either disband or add new members after the current ones are gone. So, yes, it’s very likely it will disband but not anytime soon.

Do BTS have girlfriends?

Do the BTS members have girlfriends? … Some of the older members (namely, RM, Suga, and J-Hope) have revealed they had girlfriends when they were younger, but ever since they debuted in 2013, none have come out with a relationship publicly.

Is twice losing popularity?

No. TWICE is not loosing their popularity. … In Gaon’s half year reveal of albums sales, TWICE is still the front runner for girl groups, all their albums, from 2015 up to present, are still selling in 2019. You can also see their popularity thru their TWICELIGHTS tour.

Is Jennie really going solo?

No she is not. Jennie has come up with a solo song but she is not going to leave the group. This may also expose her to the challenges of being a solo and give her more exposure as a solo artist. This can also prepare her solo career once Blackpink disbands and so, she will have more experience.

Will TXT replace BTS?

So no, TXT cannot replace BTS. … But it’s very possible that their popularity won’t reach BTS’s height, and that the only reason they’re hype at the moment is because they’re BTS’s brother group. Yet on the other hand, their title track is actually pretty good.

How long will BTS stay together?

BTS signed a seven year contract renewal with BigHit in 2018 It was basically an enormous sigh of relief and cause for celebration for fans around the world knowing they’d have the boys in life for years. This means the band will be together until at least 2025- after that, their future is unknown.

What year will twice disband?

Although because twice debuted in 2015 and they are very successful their contract might last longer depending on JYP’S decisions. I personally think Twice might disband around 2023–2024.

Is Blackpink gonna disband?

But if you google it, google said “If this is the case, then Blackpink will not disband but instead consist only of three members. The last scenario is after 2023, each Blackpink member can possibly make their own debut as soloist rather than a group. Therefore, Blackpink as a group will not exist anymore after 2023.”

What is BTS doing in quarantine?

BTS too is on quarantine mode and is doing everything in their power to stay connected with ARMY and sharing honestly about how much they miss their fans and being able to interact with them at music shows and concerts.