Why Is The Recovery Position The Safest Position For An Unconscious Person?

Why is it important to place unconscious casualties in the recovery position?

The recovery position is used for a casualty who is unconscious but breathing, or for an unconscious person who has foreign material in their airway, or to help clear the airway of water after suspected drowning.

It’s important to get help as quickly as possible for someone who’s unconscious..

How long should you keep a victim in the recovery position?

Monitor their level of response while waiting for help to arrive. If they remain in the recovery position for 30 minutes, roll them into the recovery position on the other side.

Why is recovery position on left side?

The unconscious patient should be placed in the left lateral (recovery) position in order to keep the airway patent and to minimize the risk of aspiration of gastric contents.

How do you place an unconscious person in the recovery position?

To place someone in the recovery position:Kneel beside the person.Straighten their arms and legs.Fold the arm closest to you over their chest.Place the other arm at a right angle to their body.Get the leg closest to you and bend the knee.More items…